Stephan Richter wrote:
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I really think such efforts to make Zope 3 play nice with other systems,
frameworks and the like, are extremely important, so again thank you
Stephan for working on this! This will Zope 3 be perceived as a good
citizen within the Python community, which is a good thing as right now
people are still easily turned off by it.
Thanks, but actually I am just interested in the Twisted integration, since I really want to see how we can hookup other protocols such as SMTP and POP3 to Zope 3. Jim really wanted WSGI for the HTTP server and since Twisted supports it I thought I learn about it some more; thus the documentation cleanups and interfaces.

That's of course by itself very good to have.

But that doesn't take away that I think Zope 3 should play nice with other systems, and that doing this will make Zope 3 be perceived as opening up more to the Python world. This is a good thing, as the rest of the Python world has much to offer and we have, hopefully, much to offer the rest of the Python world. This is yet another part of my theme of "Zope 3 as an open source project" and how to make it succesful on a social level, not just a technical level -- I think in fact that making software successful on a social level also can improve its technology, flattening learning curves and the like.


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