On Wednesday 13 April 2005 10:24, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> But that doesn't take away that I think Zope 3 should play nice with
> other systems, and that doing this will make Zope 3 be perceived as
> opening up more to the Python world. This is a good thing, as the rest
> of the Python world has much to offer and we have, hopefully, much to
> offer the rest of the Python world. This is yet another part of my theme
> of "Zope 3 as an open source project" and how to make it succesful on a
> social level, not just a technical level -- I think in fact that making
> software successful on a social level also can improve its technology,
> flattening learning curves and the like.

I totally agree. I just wanted to spread the credit a bit more, since I really 
did not do that much. The hard work is coming up this weekend by replacing 
the ZServer asyncore loop with Twisted's.

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