Wanted to alert folks, if they are interested and also if they want to check what I've done, that I have checked in code to make Philipp's i18nmessageid.Message usable in Zope 3 (i.e., it works with i18n translate, it's a security "brick", it works in page templates, it's extractable)...I think. I did not find a lot of tests to update, but those I found work (and our app does now too, so far, using them).

My checkins do not convert the standard zope message id factory (ZopeMessageIDFactory) to the new code. That probably is a post-3.1 thing.

Let me know (or fix it yourself :-) if you see any problems. I'm not sure if this belongs in CHANGES.txt or not; if someone wants it there, I'll probably see if Philipp is willing to add it...


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