[Garrett Smith]
> Recent changes to the transaction management API seem to have come
> out of the blue and without warning. Perhaps I missed an announcement.
> Are we to expect breakages of this sort on occasion?

Not often.  The formal interfaces for the transaction API contained
errors (of omission and commission) and unimplemented nonsense that
was never going to be implemented.  It was a mess, and it's still not
entirely correct, although the methods in the interfaces now are fully

More pedantically, ZODB 3.4 is still in an alpha release, and yes,
changes in alphas aren't unheard of <wink>.

Is there some specific pain you'd like help with here?  Would it have
helped people to announce, e.g,, that the IRollback interface was
removed, because it didn't make sense, wasn't implemented, and never
would be implemented, and the only references to it in Zope3 were
removed at the same time?  That's fine if so.  I figured such an
announcement would waste peoples' time more than it would help them. 
Maybe that was wrong.
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