Tim Peters wrote:
> [Jim Fulton]
>>> Was there breakage? If there was, it was unintended.
> [Garrett]
>> IDataManager was completely restructured.

This was not accurate -- the restructuring happened a while ago and I
didn't catch it. I assumed this change was made along with the one I
list below.

> If you don't have specific breakage to report, then I'm afraid I'm not
> going to take a lesson from this, cuz I just don't know what you mean
> here.

Change 29961 -- I was using the 'savepoint' function along with
NoSavepointSupportRollback, which disappeared.

> As a pragmatic matter, I'd avoid even importing the interfaces defined
> in ZODB, because they're still so inadequate and crude (as above, even
> ZODB mostly ignores them now).  ZODB was a very late starter in the
> interface game, and there's not enough resource to play intense
> "interface catchup" in that project -- this gets poked at in slow
> motion, by forcing it briefly from time to time at the expense of more
> urgent ZODB tasks.

I don't think this has anything to do with the ZODB.

 -- Garrett
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