Garrett Smith wrote:
Tim Peters wrote:

[Jim Fulton]

Was there breakage? If there was, it was unintended.


IDataManager was completely restructured.

This was not accurate -- the restructuring happened a while ago and I
didn't catch it. I assumed this change was made along with the one I
list below.

If you don't have specific breakage to report, then I'm afraid I'm not
going to take a lesson from this, cuz I just don't know what you mean

Change 29961 -- I was using the 'savepoint' function along with
NoSavepointSupportRollback, which disappeared.

You were using? Or implementing? Do you realize that these wern't actually being used and wern't implemented correctly?

(BTW, One of the reasons for doing this cleanup is to set the stage for
 a decent savepoint implementation.)

As a pragmatic matter, I'd avoid even importing the interfaces defined
in ZODB, because they're still so inadequate and crude (as above, even
ZODB mostly ignores them now).  ZODB was a very late starter in the
interface game, and there's not enough resource to play intense
"interface catchup" in that project -- this gets poked at in slow
motion, by forcing it briefly from time to time at the expense of more
urgent ZODB tasks.

I don't think this has anything to do with the ZODB.

I'm afraid it does. ZODB is in a somewhat uniquely bad state with regard to it's documentation and documented APIs. As we can steal little chunks of time, Tim and I (and recently Christian Theune) are trying to clean them up, but, as Tim says you shouldn't pay much attention to them at the moment. I expect that in the not too distant future we'll be able to get them to a place where they are actually useful.


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