Michael Kerrin wrote:
On Monday 18 April 2005 10:39, Jim Fulton wrote:

This is simply a result of the fact that no one has written a credentials-
extraction plugin for FTP yet.

I wouldn't mind writing a credentials-extraction plugin for FTP which isn't that hard. But what I am confused about is the through the web configuration of the credentials plugins.

How do I specify that an credentials-extraction plugin is for the FTP protocol and not for HTTP.

You can't, other than including a clue in the name you register it with.

This design represents a tradeoff.  It is important (so I'm told ;) to
be able to have multiple extraction plugins of the same type that are
ordered.  If it wasn't for the ordering requirement, we'd just use
adapters, which would be a bit simpler.  If we stick with the ordering
requirement, then I think trying to provide a UI that allowed control
of ordering by type would be too confusing.

(I'm sorely tempted to make an adapter-based credential plugin and make it
 the default.  It would simply adapt the request, largely avoiding the
 plugin mechanism.  Then people could use a different plugin if they wanted
 finer control.)

Because the authenticate method loops through all the configured credentials plugins and calls the extractCredentials(request) method. Which is the method that throws the exceptions I mentioned in my previous email and hence my FTP plugin doesn't get called.

Ah, I missed the bit about the exception. That's a bug in the session plugin. If an extractor can't extract, it should return None. It should be simple to repair the session extractor. Are you a contributor? :)


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