On Monday 18 April 2005 12:42, Jim Fulton wrote:
> Michael Kerrin wrote:
> > On Monday 18 April 2005 10:39, Jim Fulton wrote:
> >>This is simply a result of the fact that no one has written a
> >> credentials- extraction plugin for FTP yet.
> >
> > I wouldn't mind writing a credentials-extraction plugin for FTP which
> > isn't that hard. But what I am confused about is the through the web
> > configuration of the credentials plugins.
> >
> > How do I specify that an credentials-extraction plugin is for the FTP
> > protocol and not for HTTP.
> You can't, other than including a clue in the name you register it with.
> This design represents a tradeoff.  It is important (so I'm told ;) to
> be able to have multiple extraction plugins of the same type that are
> ordered.  If it wasn't for the ordering requirement, we'd just use
> adapters, which would be a bit simpler.  If we stick with the ordering
> requirement, then I think trying to provide a UI that allowed control
> of ordering by type would be too confusing.
> (I'm sorely tempted to make an adapter-based credential plugin and make it
>   the default.  It would simply adapt the request, largely avoiding the
>   plugin mechanism.  Then people could use a different plugin if they
> wanted finer control.)
> > Because the authenticate method loops through all the configured
> > credentials plugins and calls the extractCredentials(request) method.
> > Which is the method that throws the exceptions I mentioned in my previous
> > email and hence my FTP plugin doesn't get called.
> Ah, I missed the bit about the exception. That's a bug in the session
> plugin. If an extractor can't extract, it should return None.  It
> should be simple to repair the session extractor. Are you a contributor? :)

I am not a contributor but I would like to help. This seems like a good place 
to start so I will give it a go later today and let you know if it is fixed.

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