gocept is resuming the work on the CC certification again. I'll be
around on the list for a couple of questions arising in this week.

Here's the first one:

We need a product name to specify and stick with. As there will be a
special branch of Zope X3 (I assume 3.1 will be the branch point) that
will be certified, I'd like to change the current name proposal (Zope X3
TOE.0) to:

Zope X3 3.1/CC

The scheme would be 

Zope X3 <base-version>/CC-r<release-version>

where a "0" can be ommitted:

Zope X3 3.1CC
Zope X3 3.1/CC-r1
Zope X3 3.1/CC-r2

This is a scheme I see in distributions a lot to identify changes made
by a distributor to an original version of a package. (E.g.
apache-2.0.53-r1, apache-2.0.53-r2, ...)

Any opposition to this?


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