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> I don't understand why such complication is necessary. Why do we need
> to name "3" twice in the release name? I never quite understood why
> we're saying Zope X Three Three Dot One, and not just Zope X Three Dot
> One. It's fairly confusing, I think.

Ok, I just took over the current scheme "Zope X3 3.0" on that. Won't
argue about it. 

> I don't really understand the motivations behind CC-r1 and all that.
> If this is about bugfix releases, why not go for the industry standard
> approach, used by Zope 2, which would be:

This is because we earlier agreed that the certified version has to be a
fork from the standard Zope. This is because of a couple of functional
restrictions/requirements that won't be around in a default Zope (X)3.

On the other hand we have to unambiguously identify the certified
versions for customers. Thats why I would introduce an appendix like CC
(for "common criteria") to the name:

Zope X3 3.0/CC

As we provide bugfixes/subsequent versions we would have to mark them as

What I could imaging is dropping the reference to the forking point
(that might get updated every now and then if someone pays for the

This could end up in something like

Zope CC 3.0

being the first certified Zope 3 release forked from Zope (X3) 3.0. The
bugfix numbers might be our owns, so 

Zope CC 3.0.1 would be the bugfix for the certified version. This
couldn't tell if that 3.0 branch was updated along with the mainstream

Zope CC 3.1.3 could be the third bugfix release of the certified Zope
version that was based on Zope (X3) 3.1.

> i.e. major, minor, bugfix. We don't need to invent new systems here..

Well, I'm afraid we need a scheme that holds for some time to identify
between the original Zope and the certified version.


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