Michel Pelletier wrote:
Hi there,

I've just checked in a new package into the Zope 3 base called Clarity. What it does is integrate ClearSilver templating into Zope 3 (trunk, though I expect Zope X3.0 or even Five support should be easy enough). It's all still rough, but initial tests show ClearSilver templates can be quite a bit faster than ZPT, and they have other possible benefits. In my simplistic experiments I got transaction rates about 2 to 5 times higher than you can reach with ZPT, testing this with the 'siege' utility.

Very interesting, but the template syntax is hideous. :) Do you think
it's possible that there can be some kind of 'Clairity' mode for ZPT,
stripped of security and anything but path expressions (or even simpler,
hardwired syntax), applied solely to a Clairty style object that the
template data is abstracted from? This would fuse the benefits of
Clairty (you outlined) with ZPT (good mockups, well-formedness, etc)

If someone pays me to do it, I can even accellerate ZPT itself. :)

This is just an experiment. I since followed it up with another experiment, since I anticipated people complaining about the syntax. I blogged about here:


I don't mind the syntax that much myself, as the important part is the ClearSilver expression syntax is extremely and deliberately limited.

I got stuck on the XSLT to implement this; it's a bit too limited for this kind of transformation task (though theoretically everything's possible in it, it'd get too hairy). If I find some time, I might do another experiment implementing a Clarity frontend for ClearSilver in Python.


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