Hello Tim,

when I updated at 2005-04-15 Zope3X I copied the "old" pyd-files and I had no 
problems. So I don't download the file which have the date 2005-04-02 on your 
member page.

With the revision 30047 I copied the files again and get an error message. But 
your file from 2005-04-02 the error message is gone. I assume now everything is 



Am 19 Apr 2005 um 17:47 hat Tim Peters geschrieben:

> [E. Frerich]
> > do we need new .pyd-files?
> I don't know.  Are you having problems that make you suspect you need
> new .pyd files?  I haven't had time lately to pay much attention to
> Zope3.
> The recent changes in the package ``persistent`` were all in Python
> code, so no, _those_ changes don't require new .pyds.
> If you're having problems with Zope3's C code on Windows, tell me and
> I'll build new .pyds.  Otherwise I'd rather spare myself the time it
> takes to do that.

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