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This was previously hidden in a message on certification, so I'll extract it here, since I think it's worth at least some discussion since Zope X3.1 is coming up.

That's my first point; can we just please call it, tag it, branch it, as Zope-X3.1, not ZopeX3-3.1(.0)?

Why do we need to name "3" twice in the release name? I never quite understood why we're saying Zope X Three Three Dot One, and not just Zope X Three Dot One. It's fairly confusing, I think.

Okay, the previous issue should be discussed without too much controversy, so can we please discuss it separately without this letting interfere, which is going to court a bit of controversy:

The only non-standard part left in the release name if we drop the double 3 is the X. The X is a bit of a bother and will get us into trouble anyway eventually if a Zope 3 proper is ever released, as I can't see how we'd avoid situations where we'd have to say: "Zope 3.1 is actually Zope X3.4 + Zope 2 compatibility extensions 0.7", which sounds less than ideal. I personally wouldn't mind if we just dropped the X.

So, can we drop the X? It's messing about with our release numbering anyway, first the X was after the three, then before. If not, when can we conceivably drop it? It's also not good marketing to say the X stands for experimental. This means I need to tell my customers "Oh, yeah, this is experimental software, but you're fine!", and I don't want to. You'd think Zope 3 would stop being experimental about now.

I realize it's slightly ironic as I say all this as someone who released Five Point Three. :)


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