when I want to use my own Folder implementation as a homefolder I have two 
possibilities at the moment:

1) Disable autoCreate and create the homefolder myself.
2) Write a completely own implementation of IHomeFolderManager, use the 
existing code, only change the line self.homeFolderBase[name] = Folder() in 
assignHomeFolder(..) to something which creates my own IContainer 

Is this correct?

My enhancement idea: Make it possible in the utility management site to select 
the object type to create. Just display a list of all classes (or all classes 
derived from IContained) and let the user select one.

Is this possible to implement?

ATM my knowledge is not sufficient to implement this, so for now I'll go the 
way number 2 and file a collector issue. Maybe I'll be able to do this later.


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