* Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [050420 15:59]:
> On Wednesday 20 April 2005 09:42, Florent Guillaume wrote:
> > Gaaaah !!!! Why oh why ? The document is now totally unreadable, except
> > by reading a generated .ps or .pdf. That's not the way to go for
> > documentation :(

Ok. I should have made the change set come together.

But I don't consider LaTeX to be unreadable.
> Remember that this document has to be read by an independent third party and 
> they want nicely layouted pages, which I think they have a right to demand. 
> ReST can just not provide that, but LaTeX can. Also, for simple (in terms of 
> layout) documents like this, they are still readable in LaTeX source form.

Right. Additionally we have a couple of large and complex tables around
that ReST simply can't handle. It's less for having nice stuff than
having a system that can actually handle it. Also, very likely the
document is going to be split in multiple files because it's pretty
large right now.


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