Stephan Richter wrote:
Something you and Chris do not address is how to call the version of Zope 3 that will not have Zope 2 support.

I believe this is called Zope 2.x + Five ;-)

Seriously, I don't personally believe anything more than Five is needed, and therefore will emerge, to get "Zope 2 support in Zope 3", even though what's actually emerged is "Zope 3 support in Zope 2", which is probably the right way round...

I, for one, and probably many others still want to have *pure* Zope 3 releases without Zope 2 mixed in. So for that time period (until Zope 2 coded is gone) we need two names for Zope 3 anyways. Maybe the "X" will eventually evolve to represent "pure" (like "X - no Zope 2 here"). :-)

Okay, to sum up:

Zope 2.8+ = "Zope 3 with Zope 2 support"
Zope 3.x = "Pure Zope 3"
Zope 4.x = "Zope 3 with no more need for Zope 2 support"

Even if the last one never materialises, I think it's safe to say we can ditch the X now ;-)



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