I was hoping to stay out of this discussion, but ...

1. There will be many more releases of Zope 2, including
   2-digit releases like 2.10, 2.11, etc.

2. The X in Zope 3X means that there is not yet support for
   Zope 2 transition.  It's about setting expectations.

   I'm OK with dropping the X is someone else wants to manage
   this communication another way, but I'd rather not drop it.

   When we do finally have a story for transitioning Zope 2
   apps to Zope 3:

   a) we will not renumber

   b) We don't know the nature of that transition support, so
      we should not worry now about whether it will clutter

3. If I have anything to say about it, there will never be a Zope 4. :)

4. I'm OK with dropping the extra 3 in the release names.  IMO
   either Zope X3.1.0 or Zope 3.0.1 are fine.


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