On Fri, Apr 15, 2005 at 03:26:41PM -0400, Brad Bollenbach wrote:

[snip explanation about having register the same component twice when
 adding a new absolute url view]

> I'm not intimately familiar with the internals of this code, but by
> the looks of it, behind the scenes of zapi.absoluteURL, a lookup is
> being done for an unnamed multi-adapter, and thus, naming my view
> "absolute_url" breaks that lookup. This means I need to include *both*
> ZCML snippets above for this functionality to work, i.e. I need to
> register both a named *and* an unnamed adapter for /@@absolute_url and
> zapi.absoluteURL to both work.
> Would it be reasonable to improve the adapter lookup so that only one
> ZCML registration is required in this situation? Perhaps the adapter
> lookup should first try to find an adapter called absolute_url, and if
> no such adapter exists /then/ try to find an unnamed adapter providing
> IAbsoluteURL? Any other suggestions for approaches to make this Just
> Work whilst only requiring one registration in ZCML?

IMO, the problem lies in that we can't look up a view providing a
specific interface. I don't think that zapi.absoluteURL should be
changed to solve problems related to ZPT. Instead it would be better to
make the ZPT adapter look up a view providing IAbsoluteURL, and use
that to do its work. That way when defining a new IAbsoluteURL view,
we'd only have to register an unnamed view, and it'd be used both in
Python code and in ZPT.

Any objections against implementing this solution?


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