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Jake wrote:
> Ok...
> So let me get this right.
> 2.7.x -> 2.8.x -> 2.9.x -> 2.10.x -> 2.11.x ?
> I am sorry, but that is really confusing, but not as confusing throwing in
> X3.0 and 3.0 and maybe 4.0 (way too early in my opinion).
> I mean, I am just a simple guy, building simple sites with Zope, but all
> of that just seems to confuse the issue (think SNL Caveman Lawyer)
> Now, add to that CMF 1.4.8 and CMF 1.5.1 (both new releases) and Plone 2
> and what you have is a nightmare for any new users or someone who doesn't
> want to use a chart to figure out what to install.
> Oh, and Python as well. 2.3.4 -> 2.4, etc.

Independently released components *have* to follow this pattern;
otherwise you cannot manage people's expectations, including backward
and forward compatibility.  People who run applications in production
need "support releases" (the "third-dots") in order to get bugfixes
without introducing disruptive / buggy new features.

People who don't want to think about such issues need to use
"distributions" which explicitly call out the versions of the
subpackages they use.  The Plone installer does this;  the various
Debian packages try to as well.

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