Jim Fulton wrote:

I was hoping to stay out of this discussion, but ...

1. There will be many more releases of Zope 2, including
   2-digit releases like 2.10, 2.11, etc.

This is good and very much necessary. (Though by the current rate of release, Zope 2.11 will be released by 2012. ;))

2. The X in Zope 3X means that there is not yet support for
   Zope 2 transition.  It's about setting expectations.

   I'm OK with dropping the X is someone else wants to manage
   this communication another way, but I'd rather not drop it.

   When we do finally have a story for transitioning Zope 2
   apps to Zope 3:

   a) we will not renumber

   b) We don't know the nature of that transition support, so
      we should not worry now about whether it will clutter

Like Stephan, I don't believe in bringing "Zope 2 compatability" to Zope 3 (calling it a "transition" is a better, but I think that transition should start at the Zope 2 end and not viceversa... after all, that's were all the current code comes from anyway, and it's not going to migrate itself).

However, if other people, most prominently ZC, have other expections, I can live with that. BUT: Having the X stand for eXperimental is, as Martijn pointed out, the worst marketing we can make. When X3.0 was released, nearly every internet news forum interpreted it as if it were a beta version and not something ready for production. The contrary is the case and even more so with X3.1.

In my book and in the articles I've written so far for IT magazines, I've always said that "X" *used* to stay for experimental and it was kept to warn everyone that Zope 3 is not just an improvement over Zope 2 but actually a completely new product with new paradigms, new concepts and new APIs.

3. If I have anything to say about it, there will never be a Zope 4. :)

4. I'm OK with dropping the extra 3 in the release names.  IMO
   either Zope X3.1.0 or Zope 3.0.1 are fine.

I would like to settle for a consistent naming convention. I'm ok with keeping the X (under the premasis of an alternate interpretation) and I also agree with Martijn that "Zope X3 3.1.0" is quite long, but I can accept even the worst naming convention if it is at least consistent.

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