Chris Withers wrote:

Does anyone know how to build a standalone ZPT package from Zope 3 using zpkgtools?

To make matters more fun, it's on Windows ;-)

Well, I have to admit, I'm seriously impressed. Having understood that zpkgtools only works on unix, I did the following:

svn co svn://

cd zpkgtools

bin/zpkg --resource-map=svn:// -ca ZPT

(my only niggle here was that I thought this had hung, it'd be nice to have a verbose option for people like me so it says what it's doing)

Anyway, out popped ZPT-0.0.0.tgz, which I copied to my windows box and unpacked. Then it was a case of:

cd ZPT-0.0.0
c:\python23\python bdist_wininst

And in dist appeared:

...which ran just fine and installed what looks like everything I need for using zope3's ZPT outside of Zope.

So, now to see if I can get Z3's ZPT working outside of Zope.

Anyway, like I said, so far I'm seriously impressed. Great work whoever helped out in making this process so quick and easy :-)

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