Thanks for the positive feedback. Fred Drake worked very hard
on this.  One thing we did right was to leverage distutils
ability to build binary releases.  I'm also encouraged by work done
at the recent PyCon sprints that someday we'll even have a packaging
system, for Python that will allow us to make installation of packages
much easier too.


Chris Withers wrote:
Chris Withers wrote:


Does anyone know how to build a standalone ZPT package from Zope 3 using zpkgtools?

To make matters more fun, it's on Windows ;-)

Well, I have to admit, I'm seriously impressed.
Having understood that zpkgtools only works on unix, I did the following:

svn co svn://

cd zpkgtools

bin/zpkg --resource-map=svn:// -ca ZPT

(my only niggle here was that I thought this had hung, it'd be nice to have a verbose option for people like me so it says what it's doing)

Anyway, out popped ZPT-0.0.0.tgz, which I copied to my windows box and unpacked. Then it was a case of:

cd ZPT-0.0.0
c:\python23\python bdist_wininst

And in dist appeared:

...which ran just fine and installed what looks like everything I need for using zope3's ZPT outside of Zope.

So, now to see if I can get Z3's ZPT working outside of Zope.

Anyway, like I said, so far I'm seriously impressed. Great work whoever helped out in making this process so quick and easy :-)

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