On the naming, I agree with dropping the 3.

The risk with dropping the X is that we might make people think there
is now Zope2 backwards compatibility.

But there is a risk with NOT dropping it as well. And that is that we
don't know how the Zope2 compatibility will look or work, and some
even suggest that we'll do it mostly by letting people gradually slip
over by converting their apps. There is therefore some risk that Zope3
will stay Zope X3 for a very long time, and that the main backwards
compatibility will be done by instead running Zope3 apps under Zope2. 

Will we then continue to claim that Zope 3 is experimental forever? I
don't think that's a good idea either.

As I see it, the job of guessing which of these two risk are greater
is in the end up to Zope Corp. But personally, I think that if there
are no actual outlook of getting Zope2 compatibility into Zope3 within
a year, then the X should be dropped now.

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