Jim Fulton wrote:
> Thanks for the positive feedback. Fred Drake worked very hard
> on this.  One thing we did right was to leverage distutils
> ability to build binary releases.  I'm also encouraged by work done
> at the recent PyCon sprints that someday we'll even have a packaging
> system, for Python that will allow us to make installation of packages
> much easier too.

FWIW, my original reason for trying Gentoo Linux was to evaluate its
packaging system, Portage, which is written in Python.  I intended to
grab ideas and incorporate them into a new packaging system, but Portage
turned out to be so good that I switched to Gentoo and stopped designing
my own system.  Portage also leverages distutils and can produce/consume
binary packages.

Have you thought about porting Portage, or something like it, for use as
a general Python package management system?

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