On Thursday 21 April 2005 18:34, Shane Hathaway wrote:
> I'm sure Fred is doing excellent work, but I'm having trouble seeing why
> we need zpkgtools.  Is it not sufficient to just "python setup.py
> install" all of Zope 3?  I've been doing that with Zope 3 Subversion
> checkouts and Twisted, even though I actually use less than 10% of the
> code installed.  In fact, my co-workers are about to put such a system
> into production.  The unused code causes no problems that I've detected.

I think of zpkgtools as a prototype for extensions that are necessary for 
distutils. We are playing very nicely with all existing tools covering our 
use cases. One of the big use cases is that we want to make multiple 
different releases from the code base, such as ZPT, Zope X3, ZWiki, and maybe 
even Zope X3 extended. People have complained multiple times about 
downloading monolithic packages just to use one feature.

Also note that Zope X3 is an application and as such it must manage files 
other than Python source code. For example, the ZCML hookup files must be 
placed in the right directory, etc...

Overall, I think that zpkgtools is very successful. And it is not 
Zope-specific! Twisted could use it too.

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