Stephan Richter wrote:

> I think of zpkgtools as a prototype for extensions that are necessary > for distutils.

Is it the Zope project's job to extend distutils, though? I mean, developing something new is nice, but there's a lot of a new stuff on our plate already, isn't there?

Overall, I think that zpkgtools is very successful. And it is not Zope-specific! Twisted could use it too.

It's Zope specific as only the Zope projects are using it, as far as I am aware. Lots of people could use it, but I'm worried that without significant effort to promote and adjust this, it won't happen.

I mean, Twisted could use ZCML too, but they're not, and I doubt they're likely to, and they're the most likely project to use ZCML of them all, as they use zope.interface already. Granted zpkgtools is easier to distribute independently, but then again, for distributing ZCML we have zpktgtools. :)

Perhaps I'm wrong and zpkgtools takes time out of our hands overall already, including maintenance and learning curve.


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