Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Hello all,

I'm proud to announce that a second book on Zope 3, "Web Component Development with Zope 3", is officially out now. It is the ideal companion to Stephan Richter's expert "Developer Handbook", serving as a general introduction to Zope X3.0 from a beginner and intermediate point of view.

Hello again,

just letting you know that the book seems now to be generally available on the American continent, at least by the looks of the Springer ordering page [1] where it says the book will ship within 2-3 days. Amazon still predicts 2-3 *weeks* unfortunately; I guess they either haven't updated their shipping information or they haven't received a delivery themselves yet. For more information on ordering please refer to

In any case, I apologize for the delay and hope the delivery problem will be solved soon. If possible, I would be interested in feedback whether ordering the book in the U.S. has succeeded.

Best regards,



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