On Monday 25 April 2005 07:26, Dominik Huber wrote:
> Is there a specific reason why only one interface type is directly
> provided per interface?
> If two types are registered for one interface the first type is chucked
> out of the interface during the registration of the second,


> but the first stays still registered within the utitlity service.

Yep, that's ok.

> Bug or Feature?

Feature. When we originally wrote this code, it did not make sense for an 
interface to have several types.

> IMO multi-typed interfaces would make sense. Would you have any
> objections if I change the code the following way:
> module: zope.app.component.interface.py, line 78
> 75    if iface_type is not None:
> 76        if not iface_type.extends(IInterface):
> 77            raise TypeError(iface_type, "is not an interface type")
> 78        directlyProvides(interface, iface_type,
> directlyProvidedBy(interface))

I would like to see a use case first. Once we can agree that the use case is 
really necessary, this change will be fine.

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