Jim Fulton wrote:
> I'd like to make some changes to the widget API.
>    http://www.zope.org/Zope3/MoreCleanupOfWidgets
> proposes some cleanup, but I'd like to go farther.
> I think widgets, especially IInputWidget have too much
> responsibility, namely:
> - validation
> - applying changes
> Widgets should be responsible for
> - getting/managing user inputs, including
>    conversion from raw input (but not validation).
> - Rendering HTML
> Giving widgets this responsibility makes them harder
> to implement (leading to complex base classes) and
> a bit hard to use when more control is needed.
> I'd like to remove this functionality from widgets,
> moving it to form code.
> Thoughts? Questions?  Any objections to getting this into
> 3.1?  If not, I'll write a more detailed proposal.

Isn't there some pressure to get 3.1 out? I'm all for refactoring
widgets to simplify (or eliminate) the hefty baseclasses, but I had the
impression that the release was heading into its final stages.

 -- Garrett
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