Jim Fulton wrote:
> This is for people who've implemented ZODB data managers.  Data
> managers are components that manage persistent data under transaction
> control, 
> We've recently tried to clean up and document the data-manager
> interfaces.  In addition, over the weekend, I implemented savepoints
> and was able to simplify the interfaces quite a bit.  See IDataManager
> and ISavePointDatamanager in:
> In particular, note that:
> - The subtransaction APIs have disappeared fro data managers, and
> - tpc_begin no longer takes a second "subtransaction" argument.
> I *could* try to provide support for data managers with tpc_begin
> taking 2 arguments, but I'm guessing that I don't need to.  I'm
> guessing that no one has written data managers that require a second
> argument. If this is not true and you have a data manager that
> requires a second argument that I need to support, please let me know.
> Jim

This looks outstanding...thanks for the communiqué :-)

For my part, I'm not using substransactions, so the simplified tpc_begin
is not a problem.

 -- Garrett
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