Amos Latteier wrote:
I've been thinking about some simple web applications that I'd like to
do with Zope 3. For these projects I won't need stuff like folders and
the ZODB. I've been looking at the jim-bobo branch, and I find it pretty
appealing. I like the idea of just using object publishing and the
component architecture.

The last checkin message says that there is an
issue with Python-defined adapters.

I've since added apis for creating these more easily. (e.g. component.provideAdapter).

> I've done some playing around it I
am able to create and use Python-defined adapters to create IBrowserPublisher adapters. The main problem I have is that that if the adapter adapts (Interface, Interface) then the adapted object must implement *some* interface.

Try (None, None). None is what's uses when you specify "*" in ZCML. We've always made a distiction between objects that declare some interface and those that don't. We've pretty much decided to drop this distinction. I even had some changes that made it so, but we decided not to put them in 3.0. Maybe we should consider dropping this distiction for 3.1.

Does anyone (OK, I guess I mean Jim) know of any issues I should be aware of when using this stuff?

No, other than from my point of view, the "features" of Bobo will ve defined from the evolving story and so far, due to other commitments, I haven't gotten past "Hello world". :)


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