On 4/26/05, Nathan R. Yergler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So it looks like zope.configuration.xmlconfig.file is responsible for
> reading the ZCML file and parsing the directives.  I did find the
> directives in zope.app.component.  I guess the outstanding question in
> my mind is what gets called to process meta.zcml and site.zcml.

You can see how the Zope 3 appserver loads the configuration in
zope.app.appsetup.appsetup; there's a single call to
zope.configuration.xmlconfig.file().  The contents of site.zcml are
responsible for all ochestration; there's nothing particularly special
about the meta.zcml; the naming is strictly convention.

> Maybe I need to go back and review my ZConfig... it's been a while
> since I used regularly.

This has nothing to do with ZConfig, though there has been some hint
that ZConfig could provide an alternate syntax to XML.


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