There's nothing magic going on here.  A file can
contain meta directives or ordinary directives.
site.zcml just includes other files, which include
other files, and so on.  Some of these are named
"meta.zcml", which, by convention contain meta


Nathan R. Yergler wrote:
Thanks for the quick reply, Fred.

So it looks like zope.configuration.xmlconfig.file is responsible for
reading the ZCML file and parsing the directives.  I did find the
directives in  I guess the outstanding question in
my mind is what gets called to process meta.zcml and site.zcml.

Does Zope3 just call xmlconfig.file on the root meta.zcml (which in
turn includes the other package meta files), and then xmlconfig.file
on site.zcml (which also includes the others)?

Maybe I need to go back and review my ZConfig... it's been a while
since I used regularly.


On 4/26/05, Fred Drake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On 4/26/05, Nathan R. Yergler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

successfully as such), but was wondering if someone could point me
toward the code in Zope 3 SVN which is responsible for reading
meta.zcml for directive definitions and subsequently configure.zcml
for adapter registration, etc.

The ZCML machinery is in zope.configuration; the specific directives that handle basic registrations are in Unless somebody's moved them. :-)


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