Uwe Oestermeier wrote:

I'm working on a versioning system that creates a new version for each changed file content.
I tried to listen to zope.app.event.interfaces.IObjectContentModifiedEvents,
but unfortunately no such event seems to be generated.

Editing an existing zope.app.file.File via the edit view leads only to an ObjectModifiedEvent,
uploading new content produces no object event at all.

Should this be fixed by generating ObjectContentModifiedEvents in both cases (which I would prefer),


or should the less informative ObjectModifiedEvent be used? In the later case, the misleading
IObjectContentModifiedEvent should probably removed from the list of objectevents.

In general, missing events are difficult to detect and I'm quite sure that file editing and uploading
are not the only relevant cases (e.g. WebDAV and FTP are other ways to modify file contents).
Wouldn't it be the best solution to generate an IObjectContentModifiedEvent in the File._setData method and
not the view classes?

I think this would be OK for this specific case.

What I don't want to see is some general implicit event-generation


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