On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 10:03:33PM +0200, Achim Domma (Procoders) wrote:
| Hi,
| can somebody explain me, what would be the recomended way to import 
| external data into Zope? Let say I have developed a product which stores 
|  his data in the ZODB. How can I fill the DB with data via a script and 
| not via the Web interface?

One real-world example of this can be found in the Schoolbell project.
Schoolbell is a calendar application built on zope3.  When I installed
it, I already had a calendar with information in it.  The way they
handle that is I can use 'wget' to issue an HTTP 'PUT' request and
upload my existing iCalendar-format calendar.  Schoolbell accepts the
request and stores the data in whatever manner it stores it in the

This example simply shows that you can define whatever actions you
want in your application and the action can process the data however
it wants.  Thus a simple HTTP (or FTP, or WebDAV) request can be used
to import existing data.


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