Jim Fulton wrote:
Julien Anguenot wrote:

Can we consider the inclusion of lxml or elementtre within the Zope3
core ?



 > Are the repective licenses, BSD and MIT-like an issue ?

Absolutely. :)

I would prefer that we include lxml and that it be ZPL.
That is, my hope is that Martijn can release lxml under
ZPL as well as any other licenses he wishes.
It needn't be copyright ZC and Contributors.  It could be
copyright Infrae.

Well, libxml2/libxslt cannot be relicensed by me, so the MIT license will stay. If it helps to also license lxml under the ZPL besides the existing BSD license, that shouldn't be an issue, though I myself do not comprehend why adversiting-clause-less BSD should be an issue; as far as I understood it could be safely combined with absolutely anything.


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