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Jim, some other people and I argued that this kind of automation is bad anyway and instead of introducing more translation magic, TAL shouldn't do any automatic translation at all.

So, in my opinion, do_insertText_tal() should raise a DeprecationWarning if it encounters a MessageID/Message object that doesn't have an accompanying i18n:translate declaration.

Stephan also have pointed that automatic translation doesn't allow somebody to disable translation on purpose for some piece of content.

Right. That's one reason why it's bad.

Can someone explain this use case a bit deeper ?

Suppose you don't want to translate messages in a particular template that you want to have translated in others (for example editing vs. displaying a piece of translatable content). Or, suppose you want a particular message id translated in a different language than another one... Or, suppose you're building an app that manages message ids...

But now you just can define another method for the view which does something like "return unicode(msgid)".

Right, and you have to knowingly use *that* method, not the other one. So, you have to be aware of it. Then we could just as well make it straight-forward and explicit by the means of i18n:translate.

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