Ivo van der Wijk wrote at 2005-5-8 11:34 +0200:
>I'm currently playing with a Workflow/Catalog mix, trying to index
>workflow states (so I can simply search for published content - a
>common usecase in CMF).
>However, it appears that workflow statechanges do not trigger
>IObjectModifiedEvent, to which the catalog subscribes to track changes
>and reindex objects.
>This might be workflow specific, it might also apply for all
>IAnnotable data (not sure).

I think the interaction between annotation changes (among them
workflow state changes) and the catalog is not yet well

There was a discussion some months ago about this, mainly
between Jim and me. I proposed something like
a "DependentObjectModifiedEvent(dependentObject, primaryObject)",
deriving from "ObjectModifiedEvent", as an efficient
way to communicate with the catalog.

The catalog could use "primaryObject" to determine the
document id but "dependentObject" to determine a more narrow
set of indexes that need to be updated.

Jim proposed a set of alternative approaches.

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