On 5/11/05, Roger Ineichen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Ivo,

> >
> >           <metal:block tal:condition="python: macroname == 'view'"
> >                        tal:repeat="pagelets
> > pagelets:zope.app.boston.slots.IContextMenu">
> >             <tal:block metal:use-macro="pagelets" />
> >           </metal:block>
> Does the Skin work if you comment out this metal:block?

The main problem is that, in my derived skin, zmi actions such as
'edit', 'metadata' etc don't appear. (In the plain boston skin, they
do appear). Removing the tal:condition (and leaving the rest as-is)
does show the actions

> >
> > I've added some debugging tal code - it seems that macroname is always
> > 'page' everywhere within boston's template.pt, while it is 'view'
> > within the rotterdam skin.
> Yes, this could be a bug from me. It could be that this is a mistake
> in the pagelet. Perhaps the "commontask" pagelet calls the Adding items
> and this will run into a error. I don't remember exactly but the
> macroname == 'view' is something I have on my todo list for refactoring.
> This was just a quick solution but it needs some better check for display
> the IContextMenu pagelets. This will be the next step to implement.
> (nested context menus)

It looks really similar to the rotterdam skin, for which it does work. 

> The Boston skin is in a real experimental state right now.
> I think I can work on it at the end of this month and finishing
> the menu part and implement preferences.

The boston skin looks as a very good basis for further development -
I'd hate to reinvent parts of it myself. But for now I'll revert to
the Rotterdam skin and hope things will improve (if I could I'd help
but I'm really lost with this issue)



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