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> Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 12:18 AM
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> Subject: Re: [Zope3-dev] skin magic weirdness
> On 5/11/05, Roger Ineichen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi Ivo,
> > 
> > >
> > >           <metal:block tal:condition="python: macroname == 'view'"
> > >                        tal:repeat="pagelets
> > >">
> > >             <tal:block metal:use-macro="pagelets" />
> > >           </metal:block>
> > 
> > Does the Skin work if you comment out this metal:block?
> > 
> The main problem is that, in my derived skin, zmi actions such as
> 'edit', 'metadata' etc don't appear. (In the plain boston skin, they
> do appear). Removing the tal:condition (and leaving the rest as-is)
> does show the actions

Ok, let's think about why we use page, view and other names in the 
page templates and map them in the class StandardMacros.
Perhaps this is a old part where we can implement in a better way today.
I'm sure we can improve this part in some ways, but I don't know how
right now.

This whould mean we can remove the in the rotterdam 
skin too. Which I'm not sure if it's in use sight now.

I'm not sure of we need this with the pagelet pattern. Parhaps we 
can remove this mapping from the boston skin. And if needed replace
it with a pagelet concept.

I think the reason is, the Skin have not allways to show the commontask
(IAdding view called "+") or the zmi_actions. A usecase for this is the
addform which doesn't show the Add items because the addform is adapting 
a view and not a object(context).

I whoud be really happy if we can handle this in a better way.
I hope you understand what I mean with the adding view and addform 
> > >
> > > I've added some debugging tal code - it seems that 
> macroname is always
> > > 'page' everywhere within boston's, while it is 'view'
> > > within the rotterdam skin.
> > 
> > Yes, this could be a bug from me. It could be that this is a mistake
> > in the pagelet. Perhaps the "commontask" pagelet calls the 
> Adding items
> > and this will run into a error. I don't remember exactly but the
> > macroname == 'view' is something I have on my todo list for 
> refactoring.
> > This was just a quick solution but it needs some better 
> check for display
> > the IContextMenu pagelets. This will be the next step to implement.
> > (nested context menus)
> It looks really similar to the rotterdam skin, for which it 
> does work. 
> > 
> > The Boston skin is in a real experimental state right now.
> > I think I can work on it at the end of this month and finishing
> > the menu part and implement preferences.
> > 
> The boston skin looks as a very good basis for further development -
> I'd hate to reinvent parts of it myself. But for now I'll revert to
> the Rotterdam skin and hope things will improve (if I could I'd help
> but I'm really lost with this issue)

Yes, I see. But I have to deep into the code again and think about
a solution for to handle the addfrom usecase. I like to do this 
together with adding nested menus and preferences.

Roger Ineichen

> Cheers
>   Ivo
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