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Maik Röder wrote:

Here we are supposed to have the notion of cooperation diluted in some
sort of undefined abstract notion of cooperation between anonymous
participants that have to leave their badge at the entrance.

When I say neutral, I mean "not dominated by the interests of one

We (Nuxeo) have a strong interest in working on a common platform for ECM under Zope 3, that could become the basis of our open source ECM products like CPS, eCommunity, WebPublisher, etc. in a 1 year timeframe (or less).

OTOH, we also strongly believe that this project is in the best interest
of several other parties, and that is the reason we want to work on the
  project with as many capable partners and people as possible.

So we have decided to start the project as a community effort, while at
the same time already starting working on deliverables (architecture
documents, specs, working code with unit tests) because we already have
customers that depend on this project.

I could rephrase my question to:

"How do you make sure that people don't get the impression that the
project is in the hand of a company, and not in the hands of a
healthy community? Do you plan to create dome kind of community foundation?"

The project is already in the hands of a community - we have already commitments from Nuxeo, Infrae, Chalmers University. Several other people (including people from Zope Corp, Cignex and the Plone community) have expressed a strong interrest in the project by participating in the sprint in Paris and I believe and hope they are still on board.

Regarding code ownership: like we discussed before and a bit during the
sprint in Paris, there are several options, like setting up a foundation
or using an existing foundation. These options will be discussed face to
face in Goteborg next month.

I personnaly think that centralized code ownership is not that
important, at least in the kick-off phase of the project, as long as
everybody agrees on using an open source / free license compatible with
the GPL.

In terms of
marketing this is a very bad move because it shows that no one is
willing to step forward, commit and endorse the project.

Before endorsing the project I just need to be sure that there is a healthy community.

I cannot promiss you more. You can also wait for EuroPython where we will be present, do a sprint, give a couple of talks and hopefully have some usefull code to show.

We should instead put the logos of the companies that contribute with
code, design etc... this will incite others to join.

That would be great.


You can send me email with the logos and I will make sure that they
appear in the 'about' section of the z3lab.org site.


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