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Before endorsing the project I just need to be sure that there is
a healthy community.

catch-22 :-) to have a healthy community you need a project that is not just vapourware and more than just people with good intentions who'll wait until others do something. You need commitment from all parts.

It's indeed a chicken and egg situation; healthy communities give people enough trust to do a commitment and commitment from people and organizations tends to build healthy communities.

I think the easiest way to earn trust is for the initiators to reach beyond their comfort level by looking at competing projects. I know that this is hard, since one is always convinced that his/her project is the best one. (I feel the same way. ;-) To be more concrete, I think a good first step would be to create a matrix of features in various Zope-based CMSs. This might also demonstrate the parts the community wants to work on first.

I think we have already analysed the features of many ECMS, including proprietary solutions like Documentum and SPS (SharePoint).

We've come up with the following diagram, which expresses our current thinking on the project:

Of course comments on the map are very welcome.

It should be noted that we've tried to leverage on the lessons of the CMF, CPS, Silva and Plone architectures, but *also* to integrate open and non-Zope-specific standards like:

- RDF for the documents relations
- Some kind of XML schemas (probably relax-ng)
- XForms for the UI
- XPDL / WfMC for the workflow

(Standards appear in orange in the diagram).

We're also open to discussion on what other standards might be useful.


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