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> Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2005 10:39 PM
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> Subject: [Zope3-dev] new ZC form machinery snapshot available 
> on public repo.
> Hi all.  As part of its current Zope 3-based client engagement, Zope  
> Corporation has been developing a number of packages that we plan to  
> release as open source once we feel they are "cooked".
> One that seems to have sparked special interest is our new variation  
> of much of the zope.app.form code.  At ZC, we now use "zc.page" (a  
> package that should become something like "zope.page" in the future)  
> exclusively over the zope.app.form code to create forms (although  
> note we still use the widgets in zope.app.form.browser, and zc.page  
> does not include any widget code).  We like it, and find it to be a  
> significant improvement over zope.app.form.  While the package seems  
> to be settling down now, it is still cooking: we're making 
> changes as  
> we need them, without worrying about breaking anyone else.
> We're still making it available publicly today, though, as a  
> "sandbox" checkout of a snapshot from our internal repositories.  If  
> you are interested, please feel free to check out the zc sandbox:
> svn.zope.org/repos/main/Sandbox/zc
> Note the README.txt in zc which gives an overview of the zc sandbox  
> and the page package in particular.  The zc.page package 
> contains the  
> usual doctests to try and explain the package.
> Comments welcome.  And, contributors, feel free to make your own  
> sandbox for projects similarly "in progress" but hopefully on their  
> way to the main zope project tree.
> Gary

Thanks a lot for this preview.
I can't wait to check this out.

Roger Ineichen

Projekt01 GmbH

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