Subject: Error checking in included zcml files
Date-Sent: Samstag, 21. Mai 2005 13:03 Uhr


I tried to refactor the configure.zcml of TextIndexNG3 into a configuration file which is related to the core engine and one file that contains Zope 2 specific
directives (browser:view etc).

The main configure.zcml (to be used by Five) is in
Products/TextIndexNG3/configure.zcml and contains a line

<include package="textindexng" file="configure.zcml" />

So far so good.....just for testing purposes I added the an <utility>
directive multiple times (which identical attributes) in
.....I restarted Zope and expected that Zope would not start because
of the identical directives...however it came up. Adding the same
identical in Products/TextIndexNG3/configure.zcml caused an exception
when Zope was starting. So why do we have different behaviour here?
Bug or Feature?


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