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> Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2005 1:00 PM
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> Subject: [Zope3-dev] error checking in included ZCML files
> Subject: Error checking in included zcml files
> Date-Sent: Samstag, 21. Mai 2005 13:03 Uhr
> Hi,
> I tried to refactor the configure.zcml of TextIndexNG3 into a 
> configuration 
> file
> which is related to the core engine and one file that contains Zope 2 
> specific
> directives (browser:view etc).
> The main configure.zcml (to be used by Five) is in
> Products/TextIndexNG3/configure.zcml and contains a line
> <include package="textindexng" file="configure.zcml" />
> So far so good.....just for testing purposes I added the an <utility>
> directive multiple times (which identical attributes) in
> Products/TextIndexNG3/src/textindexng/configure.zcml
> .....I restarted Zope and expected that Zope would not start because
> of the identical directives...however it came up. Adding the same
> identical in Products/TextIndexNG3/configure.zcml caused an exception
> when Zope was starting. So why do we have different behaviour here?
> Bug or Feature?

The ZCML registration process remembers which configure.zcml 
was loaded, this means you can load a configure.zcml more then once.
It only get's loaded one time. (The first time)

If you duplicate a directive directly in a configure.zcml
then it ends in a duplication error. 

This is needed for some use case where you have to load 
a configuration befor they is loaded normaly. (If you add
own packages and have to use some configuration.) 
Because the packages are loaded in a alphabetic 
order. Menus are a good example for this.

btw, this is useful if we don't have different layers
e.g. application layer in 3rd party packages.

This is related to Zope3. I think this is similar to Five.

Roger Ineichen

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