Tim Terlegård wrote:
On Sat, 21 May 2005, Paul Everitt wrote:

Z3 ECM Sprint

There are several sprints getting organized at EuroPython.  The Z3 ECM
team is planning a pretty serious effort to kickstart its activities.
The Z3 ECM sprint starts at noon on Thursday, June 23 and goes through
Sunday, June 26.

Does anything happen June 30-31? That's when I plan to be there  :)

I don't know of anything that will be scheduled, except my flight home. :^)

These sprints, will they be about discussing and about design or more
about producing code?

Likely a bit of everything. A few people (Florent, Julien, Jean-Marc, and me) have proposed some targeted topics. We also need to have some planning for this Z3 ECM effort, to use face-to-face time for agenda setting and core decisions.

Do zope 3 beginners have anything to learn from those workshops or would
they do better staying home reading a Zope 3 book?

I'll defer to Tres on this.


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