On Thursday 14 April 2005 05:52, Adam Groszer wrote:
> I just tried the messageboard step08 example from Stephan's book.
> (Win32/current trunk) I know that the Service concept is deprecated,
> but I ran into an exception:
>   File "Y:\zope\svn_zope3\src\zope\app\site\service.py", line 48, in
> __init__ super(ServiceRegistration, self).__init__(name, IService, path)
> NameError: global name 'IService' is not defined
> - zope.manager [14/Apr/2005:11:20:52 +0200] "POST
> /+/AddMessageBoard.h tml%3D HTTP/1.1" 500 311
> "http://localhost:8080/+/AddMessageBoard.html="; "Mozill a/5.0 (Windows; U;
> Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.7.6) Gecko/20050317 Firefox/1.0.2"

Thanks for the report. I have fixed it now in the trunk. Note that the book is 
currently only "certified" for X3.0. However, before the 3.1 release, I will 
ensure that all examples will work.

BTW, out of curiosity, did step 1-7 work without troubles on the trunk? If so, 
that would be amazing! :-)

Stephan Richter
CBU Physics & Chemistry (B.S.) / Tufts Physics (Ph.D. student)
Web2k - Web Software Design, Development and Training
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