Ivo van der Wijk wrote:
> I currently don't feel experienced enough to fix anything about this
> (but pointers are welcome). Does anyone have suggestions/proposals how
> developer friendlyness might be improved?

I think the main difficulty is configuration.  Actually, the word
configuration makes it sound easy.  ZCML is more like plumbing than
configuration.  Currently, I feel like the only way to develop
comfortably in Zope 3 is to memorize the plumbing strewn about in ZCML
files.  I can do that, but I want my friends to be able to maintain the
software I write, and right now they can't if I use Zope 3.

With that in mind, I started working this week on a wxPython-based Zope
3 configuration editor.  Right now there's just a skeleton of a UI, but
the UI is already designed to ease most of the things I find difficult
when writing for Zope 3.  Here is a screen shot of what I've put
together so far.


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