Ivo van der Wijk wrote:

I'm currently writing a transform utility (somewhat like
portal_transforms in Plone) for my Zope3 project. I think this will be
a usable component to others - would something like this be
interesting to include in the Zope3 core?

The utility converts a mimetype to a different mimetype, i.e.

text/plain -> text/html
application/x-rest -> text/html
text/html -> application/pdf

etc. Of course, using separate transformers (much like how the Catalog
/ indexes are implemented).

I'm planning to add 'chaining' of conversion as well, i.e. using the
conversions described above, it should be possible to query the
transform utility for a transformation from application/x-rest to
application-pdf, but it seems some people already find this too
complex for a generic zope3 utility.

Any thoughts on what specific functionality such a utility
should/should not provide?



Ivo, this is zope3-users material. Please take your question to that list, this one's reserved for Zope3 *development*.

Thank you,


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