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> Stephan Richter wrote:

> > I'll note here that I will be developing local/persistent workflow 
> > definitions
> > for the SchoolTool project, since we really need it there in a certain use
> > case.
> >
> Can we have your use cases ?

Stephan and I have worked out a plan to represent the progress of a
student through a school as a wfmc workflow.  Each grade level will be
an activity.  The site administrator needs to be able to set up the
sequence of levels via the web interface.

Down the road it should make it easy to extend and customize this
process for different types of schools in different countries.  We
hope ;-)
> Do you plan to add this to the zope.wfmc trunk ?

Part of the terms of our agreement with Stephan is that the work goes
into the SchoolTool repository under the Shuttleworth Foundation's
copyright and licensed under the GPL.  Whether or not we also release
it for inclusion in the Zope 3 core is pretty much Mark Shuttleworth's
decision, but I see no reason to think that he wouldn't allow it when
Stephan is finished with the contract.  Mark's paying for the work
though, so it is his decision.

Tom Hoffman
SchoolTool Project Manager
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